AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT®  classes and workshops are suitable for everyone. The movement sequences are gentle and persuasive rather than strenuous.


Please contact me with any questions to do with classes or workshops.


Classes are currently running in IPSWICH:

Wednesdays 5.30- 6.30PM

Cost: £10 per class 




Sat 30 Sept    (Re)discover freedom

                         Second introductory workshop

We don't move for the sake of moving. We move to do things, get things, achieve things. This achievement brings us satisfaction. When freedom of movement breaks down we experience the opposite of satisfaction. This workshop explores how the whole of you, from eyes to toes and everything in between, can be more involved in your moving.


10am - 2pm

Pilatesworks4U, The Studio, Kersey Mill, Kersey, Ipswich IP7 6DP

To book a place   07855 394703/01473 823500


Sun 22 Nov     A Workshop Focusing on Touch

                         Feeling more (of) yourself

Your touch sense is what allows you to be able to make contact with the external physical world around you , and with your internal world of organs and joints. Feedback from inside yourself, and from the outside world is important to give you your idea of yourself.


Disturbances to this feedback due to injury, illness, old habits become useless, faulty learning, bad teaching, and so on, make it hard for the nervous system to make good decisions. The result is stiffness, awkwardness, sluggishness – feeling out of sorts and disconnected from the outside world of people, things and goings-on. You simply feel less yourself.


During this workshop, you will get in better touch with yourself through gaining a better understanding of yourself in movement. You will feel more yourself.


Part of this workshop is devoted to hands-on exploration – exploring the special quality of touch used in the Feldenkrais Method. This touch is non-invasive and very gentle, it does not dig, or press or stretch. But it is persuasive – imagine a mother caring for a small child.


This workshop will be useful also to anyone who cares for others – whether professionally or not. When you make contact with another body, you are not simply doing stuff, you are making a connection between their thinking and your own - through your hands. The more satisfying and informative the touch, the more satisfying the interaction.


11am - 3pm   £35

Penny Jones Pilates Studio, Peppers Lane, Ipswich IP2 2AB  (Suffolk Food Hall)

To book: 01473 604300



For all classes and workshops - wear clothing you can move easily in, and an extra layer if you tend to feel cold whilst lying on the floor. Mats and blankets are provided. Oh, and Bring some pocket money to spend on Suffolk Food Hall, or Kersey Mill goodies.




Functional Integration® lessons are arranged by appointment in Ipswich, or at your home. Lessons are usually conducted lying down, but sometimes also in sitting.


In Ipswich:

Initial session:            £60  (60 to 90 mins)

Follow-on sessions:     £45 each  (45 to 60 mins)


At your home:

Prices as above with a small charge on top to cover petrol costs

£5 - 10 to 12 mile radius

£10 - 12 to 25 mile radius

£15 - 25 and above mile radius


Lessons are conducted on a low massage-type table which usually needs a space of about 4 square metres, to allow my movement around it. Please call to discuss this.









Contact me:

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact me:


+44 7782 190615


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